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Stop Snacking Hypnosis CD

Simple effective hypnosis weight loss by reducing food intake of unhealthy snacks.

A healthy lifestyle change without even trying, see the weight drop off.

Read the Testimonials below.

Has worked wonders already........really pleasant trade - lorenza256

Excellent CD. has worked wonders already. well worth it. blond_girl20

During the day now I still want chocolate but i feel stronger to resist it. its definetly a useful tool for my health - mental and physical. Katie (ebay)


Brilliant cd it really works thankyou chell43

Fantastic CD Thanks sjc0703

This hypnosis CD takes away the automatic urge for the snack food. It helps make a lifestyle change something that isn't a fad, something with lasting results.

If for medical reasons you require healthy snacks between your meals, this CD is not suitable for you, this includes insulin dependant diabetics and people who suffer from hypoglycemia. .

You know yourself what adding all the junk food between the meals does.

Some people have an aversion to their hypnotherapist because of their voice, it might remind them of someone they don't like, if you do not feel comfortable at the audio link at the top of the page with my voice then you should not buy this CD.

If you suffer from epileptic fits or are taking strong medication please speak to you doctor before using the CD.

Charle’s mother, a dietician has written an eat well keep well guide which you will be given on-line and the two most important links for a healthy diet.

Simply listen to the CD for a few days and you will feel the lifestyle change

Charles is a member of the British Institute of Hypnotherapy.
All his CDs are his own work, researched and created with care. Digitally recorded for highest clarity.

Charles Vald, Bsc(Hons), DipH, MAEPH , BIH.

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