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Stop Smoking Hypnosis CD

Finding it hard to stop smoking??? This CD can help you.
This CD uses the latest techniques for an increase in the rate of success.

Charles is a leading Hypnotherapist in London. If your willing he can help you.

Great CD I am not a smoker any more - Jab

Hello Charles! I just want to tell you that your hypnosis CD for smoking is remarkable! I have tried other hypnosis CD's before, and yours, by far is the finest! I was extremely relaxed listening to it. Enjoyed your voice and have been smoke free for 2 months now. I have tried to quit before and never went this long without even a "puff"- Not only that , I truly have NO DESIRE TO SMOKE! I DO NOT MISS IT AT ALL! I can't thank you enough for such an awesome product! - Genina T. LaLand

You know all the reasons why you want to stop smoking, you don't need to be lectured and yet you find it hard.

If you really .do not want to give up smoking you are wasting your money using any technique, hypnosis can help you quit but only working with you not against you.

Some of you will listen to the CD once and that will be enough, which is great, but for most this doesn't occur.

What usually happens is you find the CD is effective from a few hours to a few days and then you will start smoking again.

And this is where the problem lies.

The hypnosis works and you don't have the urge to smoke and then you slowly go back to smoking. You play the CD again and a similar pattern might occur.

However, there is a solution. Combine the CD with nicotine patches or any similar product and things became a lot easier, because you are tackling both sides of the problem. It's the combination that makes a HUGE difference to make stop smoking easier.

You can deal with :-

  • The psychological effects of the habit by using the CD

  • The physical effects of the nicotine through a replacement.

  • If you see a hypnotherapist in person, after the session most will advice you to take nicotine substitutes, but for some reason this seems to be missed out on a lot of stop smoking CD's

    Listen to the recording of my voice at the top of the screen.

    If you find it comfortable then buy this CD.

    If you suffer from epileptic fits or are taking strong medication please speak to you doctor before using the CD.

    The first track on the CD will explain about hypnotherapy how it works, and relieves people's main concerns. The most important being:

    Will I wake up after the session is over or interrupted? Yes (the CD will explain in more detail)

    The CD teaches self hypnosis which can be used to help relaxation.

    The second track of the CD contains the induction (10 minutes) flowing into the 20 minute stop smoking induction.

    The remainder of the 72 minute CD contains relaxing whale music, jungle birds and the background music you hear in the induction track to practice self hypnosis another technique to use to calm the addiction.

    Thirty minutes induction is optimum, as attention span will weaken if it is any longer, the CD should be played on average 3 times during a week period.

    I will not guarantee 100% cure, for that would be lying, but it can and does help many people like yourself quit.

    You will also receive an online stop smoking hypnosis guide to work with the CD that contains another very useful simple tip.

    Marian Demetriou
    Australian Distributor

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