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Singing Bowls Music CD - Vibrations of the Soul


Vibrations of the Soul. This is original and the best.

This Meditation Singing Bowl CD will take you into the deepest state of relaxation and healing.

Sixty minutes in length of beautiful singing bowls, being played over 4 tracks.

The vibrations of the Soul CD helps you to focus and connect. Placing you into a special calming place. Designed to heal, to enhance your wellbeing.

For the full benefits of this CD play alone in a calm place, and in a few minutes you will be on your journey. I created this CD because I have always felt the singing bowl to be one of the most unique calming healing of instruments.

Listen to the tracks at the top of the page, feel the beautiful energy of the sounds, heal and recharge. This healing CD will take you into the deepest states of relaxation.

60 minutes split into 4 stunning tracks.

Testimonials specific to this CD


BEAUTIFUL CD, very pleased shelilah

Restful...Calming CD..Thank you.. waipiata

Wonderful michelleh7187

Very beautiful CD. Creating stillness and calm. zobe123

Lovely sounds on CD very relaxing diane211016

Perfect for reiki Buyer taratutara

This music is beautifully magical. Shipped extremely fast contessanessa

Beautiful CD... Healing Meditation Singing Bowls... Highly Recommend! A++++ positivepath

LOVE THIS CD kimmysgram

Stunning! Brilliant! Very uplifting with a beautiful resonance -ufooooooo

From Charles the producer of this fantastic CD

My name is Charles Vald. I am a member of the British Institute of Hypnotherapy.
People all over the world have benefited from my products . All my testimonials shown are for the specific product.

I made this CD with the use of copper and a variety of sized Tibetan singing bowls to produce this remarkable healing calming CD.

The CD is 60 minutes in length split into 4, fifteen minute tracks.

You choose the track that feels best for you.

The high tone in the music is used to achieve the deepest states of meditation while the low tone is excellent for healing, this CD combines both to achieve its remarkable results.

All my CDs are my own work, researched and created with care. Digitally recorded for highest clarity.

Charles Vald, Bsc(Hons), DipH, MAEPH , BIH.


Marian Demetriou

Australian Distributor

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