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Reiki Ongaku - Reiki Music CD

This Enhanced Second Edition of the Reiki Music Album is specifically designed for anyone interested in Reiki.

Simply place your hands in one of the healing positions and allow this beautiful music to surround you for a totally relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Each track is 3 minutes in length, the average time hands are held in one healing position.

The music gently fades after each track so you know when to change position.

If the patient requires more healing in a certain area, hold your hands in position for 2 or 3 relaxing musical tracks.

Information from Charles the producer of the CD

I have spent a lot of time researching Reiki music and speaking to Reiki therapists to find out what they want.

My purpose for this CD was to produce something unique, something to help with healing. What makes my Reiki CD different is that each of the calming 17 tracks are 3 minutes in length.

Instruments used include Oboe, Flute, the Ancient Ocarino, Celesta, Vibraphone, Panpipes, Violin, Piano, Cello and many more.

Testimonials specific for this CD

Will help reiki masters with teaching jenreiki

Excellent ebayer,fast delivery,friendly,fantastic cd 10/10 cheers tulu68

Excellent product. speedy delivery. A******************* - faith20010

Awsome cd and great service.....Thanks reiki ongaku ardino501

Really love this music, helps my soul's memory regression too, thank you!! A1*** comimichico

Enjoy it so much kalokcarolso


Delighted with item! Very happy to buy from again! Thank you very much! the_dandy_bandit

Just beautiful! homedee999

Beautiful Music. Just what I was looking for. Thank you so much. Buyer vkpm789

The tracks are

  1. Budding

  2. Slow beginnings

  3. The gathering

  4. Pathway

  5. The journey

  6. Snowflakes

  7. The swan

  8. The decision

  9. Butterfly

  10. First steps

  11. Starlight

  12. The garden

  13. The echo

  14. Dew drops

  15. Oasis

  16. Growth

  17. Time

  18. Bird song

The album is called Reiki Ongaku, length is 56 minutes.

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