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Audio Demonstration
Pure Rain - Audio Demonstration

Sounds of the Rain CD

The most natural crisp clean rain sound.

The CD is 60 minutes in Length.

No other sounds, simply rain.

How hard could recording rain be?

The natural CD of rain came about when I was emailed by a customer if I had a CD simply of pure crisp rain.

I had a look on the web and to my surprise couldn't find any other CDs of rain on its own and soon I would find the reason why.

I felt it should be very simple to do but each remaster made a sound more akin to white static noise.

A few weeks of listening to rain, all day and night and I was at last happy.

The secret, well I think I better keep that to myself.

Super CD - 623hare
This makes you want to cuddle, Thanks! Fast service from a great seller! lpn3000
Amazing C.D. Thankyou. Buyer 10turtledove

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