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Handmade Australian Meditation Bench

Introducing the meditation seiza bench made from Natural Australian Pine handmade in Australia

Handmade Seiza Benches

The images above represent the true colour of the meditation bench you will receive, the picture with Jamie meditating below is to help show how to use it.

Handmade Seiza Benches

The design of this bench allows you to gently rock until you find the most comfortable posture.

When you buy one you'll be amazed at how light it is, approx 1kg but still able to take up to 120 Kg in weight, it is very comfortable on the back.

The bench folds up as shown in the picture so that you can take it anywhere, then simply flip the legs out to make it as sturdy as a rock when sitting on it.

Great to help children develop a good posture when watching television or playing computer games.


  • 17 cm width

  • 18 cm height

  • 1 kg (approximate)

  • Also perfect therapists, such as practitioners of reflexology and Reiki healing.

    The wood is sanded to a smooth finish, this product is taken from sustainable sources in Australia

    For those who find sitting on a cushion uncomfortable this bench is the natural alternative.

    Maintaining a straight posture is important in the practice of meditation.

    A very special thank you to Jamie Spiers from Scotland for allowing us to use his design which were then hand crafted in Australia

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