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Hypnosis CDs for Health

We are very proud to bring to Australia for the first time quality hypnotherapy and relaxation products at affordable prices.

Charles Vald is a leading hypnotherapist from London, specializing in healthcare and relaxation.

Using a three step process not used in other Hypnotherapy CDs these unique Hypnotherapy Cds can teach you how to: (just to name a few)

  • Control your anxiety

  • Lower your blood pressure

  • Help with Insomnia

  • Help the pain of natural childbirth

  • Help give your children a restful night sleep

  • Help to Stop Smoking

  • Open your chakra's

  • Enhance scuba Breathing

  • Deep Relaxation

  • The healing qualities of these CDs are truly amazing.

    Confidential and Personal Service

    Click on the menu for more information on your specific CD of interest.

    Free with all hypnosis CDs.

    The self hypnosis guide will tell you what hypnosis is, teach you different methods of induction and relaxation, and explain many uses for self hypnosis.

    All CDs before composing have been thoroughly researched to get the best possible method and results for your complete satisfaction.

    Laughter CD - Laughter can be great Medicine

    Guided Bedtime Story - Seashore Audio CD with free bonus

    Hypnosis ChildBirth through Hypnosis Birth and Labour CD Plus Guide

    Breath of Time III - Alpha Wave Enhanced

    The Sleep Mask has evolved introducing the Mindfold Relaxation Mask.

    Thunderstorm Nature CD

    Gentle Nature -The Solution - Baby Sleep

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