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hypnosis helping in cancer cd

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Helping Cancer Patients with Hypnosis CD

Charles Vald is a hypnotherapist registered with the British Institute of Hypnotherapy specialising in healthcare.

The Value of this CD is $29.95, However we feel we would like to help with keeping the costs of help affordable to anyone who needs it. So we have discounted the price for you. Cost $19.95

Also 10 percent of the sales of this CD will go to the Cancer Research.

Scientific Research Studies Have been included below

Charle’s Hypnosis course is a complimentary therapy, to be USED in conjunction with whatever treatment for cancer you are having. It can be used with any form of cancer. This is not a cure.

There are lots of relaxation CD/tapes available, but this is very different.

Charle’s researched the latest information about the benefits of pain relaxation and healing.

It covers relief of painful symptoms that can develop because of treatment, promote healing, feel positive about yourself and much more. Look at some of the studies below at the bottom of the page.

Hypnosis is simple to use.

You will also receive an accompanying hypnosis guide for cancer patients as a web page link when you purchase the CD.

The first track on the CD will explain about hypnotherapy how it works, and covers people's main concerns. The most important being:

Will I wake up after the session is over or if it is interrupted? Yes (the CD will explain in more detail)

The CD, like all my hypnosis CDs teaches self hypnosis which can be used to help relax yourself.

There is a lot of literature on Hypnosis and how its helped cancer patients.

I have combined this information to produce a unique CD with a guide to teach you self hypnosis in a very short space of time. You will learn techniques you can master quickly and easily.

The guide also covers many specific visual cancer guided imagery and relaxation techniques.

Listen to the recording of my voice at the top of the page.

If you feel comfortable with it, then buy this CD.

Below is a list of some studies. Larger studies are taking place as we speak.

Professor Leslie Walker, the director of the Institute of Rehabilitation and Oncology Health at the University of Hull in northern England and his colleagues tested relaxation techniques on 80 women suffering from breast cancer.

When the researchers tested all the women, they found that those practicing the relaxation techniques had higher numbers of important immune system cells. "Even in patients with large tumours receiving immunosuppressive treatment (chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy) relaxation therapy and guided imagery can produce immunological changes," Walker said.

Hypnotherapy in Palliative Care

Dr Rumi Peynovska; Dr Jackie Fisher, Wisdom Hospice, Professor V.M.Mathew, Stone House Hospital, West Kent NHS and Social Care Trust

The present study represents a small number of patients (22) who showed a clear benefit from the use of hypnosis in alleviating a number of symptoms associated with cancer illness. Despite the limitations of the small number of patients and the short-term follow-up, the findings suggest that hypnotherapy is a valuable tool especially with regard to enhancing the coping mechanisms of cancer patients.

Group therapy and hypnosis reduce metastatic breast carcinoma pain D Spiegel and JR Bloom

The pain and mood disturbance of 54 women with metastatic carcinoma of the breast were studied over the course of one year. A random sample was offered weekly group therapy during the year, with or without self-hypnosis training directed toward enhancing their competence at mastering pain and stress related to cancer. Both treatment groups demonstrated significantly less self-rated pain sensation (t = 2.5 p less than 0.02) and suffering (t = 2.17, p less than 0.03) than the control sample.

Kind Regards

Marian Demetriou
Australian Distributor

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