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Visual Guided Meditation Music

Guided Meditation CD

This CD was produced by Charles Vald. Based in London his CDs have helped many people all over the world

The first stages of meditation are very similar to that of the first stages of hypnosis. The way that they differ is that in meditation you calm your mind, while in hypnosis you let another voice guide you.

The Deeper Stages of Meditation are not easy and this is where my CD helps.

My CD guides you to these stages through imagery of beautiful shapes, colours and nature.

This CD starts off with my very powerful hypnosis relaxation induction script followed by calm soothing meditation music and visual imagery induction created by myself to help induce relaxing Alpha State brainwaves. The music continues as your meditation does.

The music has been specially created and will be sold in its own right as meditation music, it is both soothing and calming, to reduce focus.

It is a digitally recorded CD, no hisses or cracks. This CD has only been selling for a short period of time, below are the first set of testimonials.

Dear Charles,

I received the CD this morning and used it with my 10am client for Reiki healing to help her relax. Prior to this, I listened to it myself and found it very relaxing. Your voice is calm and soothing, and I was soon entranced in my visual experiences. I tend to drift off quite easily during meditation, but to be guided by a gently voice was immediately relaxing. I felt my breathing slow down straight away, and relaxed into your words and voice. I particularly liked the music in the background, and wondered if it would be possible, also, for you to produce a CD with just "that" music. My personal experience of this CD is a soothing meditation that has a slight haunting lilt in it's background music. My Reiki client enjoyed it enormously, and it helped me relax further again to channel our Lord's Healing energy. ing more of it on the Net.
Love and light
Katie - ebay

Quite remarkable CD. Thanks!! A+++ viragopaul

Really good, would recommend to friends thanks earthmother292

I was able to fully and deeply relax, so if that is the meditation experience you are looking for this CD could be a complement to your practice.

Susan Kramer - BellaOnline's Meditation Editor

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