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Deep Relaxation Hypnosis CD

Deep Relaxation - Hypnosis CD

  • Learn the art of deep, restful relaxation.

  • Feel the best you have ever felt!

  • Learn the skills to do this anywhere.

  • Listen to the online voice demonstration.

    Read the comments.

    Learn to relax even without the CD with the online self hypnosis guide.

    Perfect for the next interview, meeting or first date.

    Anywhere you need to be relaxed and in control.

    Feel content, healed and recharged.
    You will unwind to special relaxation music composed by Charles himself.

    Made me feel great! ! Many thanks

    This CD delivers what it promises. Very Good!!!

    Dear Charles,
    You will be pleased to know that my wife,Gillian is highly delighted with your CD. Although she has only used it twice so far, she has noticed a very real difference. Over the last 30 years she has suffered from Crohn's Disease and an irregular fast heart beat (which is being monitored by a heart specialist at our local hospital).

    On the two occasions she used the CD, she measured her pulse rate before the session, followed by an after session reading. On both occasions there was a noticeable drop in pulse rate (from the high 70's to the mid 50's). She came out of each session feeling much refreshed and much the better for it. To say the least, using your CD looks like being a real winner! - Regards Mr G Walker

    This is truly relaxing - a wonderful CD. Thank you again!

    Fantastic relaxation CD, highly recommended!!

    Due to its nature this CD is very similar to the Help Sleep CD,

    Buy the CD which suits your specific need.

    The CD has an induction track that explains how to relax.

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