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Anger Management - Hypnosis Anger Control CD

This CD teaches you a coping mechanism when you get angry and slowly changes your reaction to your anger, to quell the anger before it starts.

We all get angry, sometimes.

It is a defence mechanism, part of your flight or fight response.

Anger gives you strength, prepares you for a situation.

When you get angry, you lose control,that is because we need to respond to an emergency quickly.

Your subconscious takes over, it hasn't got time to think.

Testimonials for this CD

If you feel like changing anything about yourself for the better look no further warriorjames

Inspirational seller. A true credit to ebay. Highly recommended AAAAA+++++ lovegilbs

Charle's voice is re-assuring, clear and comforting. I have never felt so completely at ease and at one with myself. I honestly feel that this cd has made a difference to how i feel and how I may better cope with life. Best wishes Charles and thank you (jofelixtiggy) x x x

Anger in the modern world comes out in many forms.

In most cases you are

There are many causes for this, but as you know getting angry does not help anyone.

Peoples reaction towards you changes, you yourself feel stressed, anxious, tense.

This CD helps control, calm and reduce your anger.

Hypnosis helps to break the pattern of uncontrolled anger by working with you to change the way your unconscious responds to the world around you.

The first track on the CD explains what hypnosis is, what will happen through your session.

The next two tracks is the the induction, lasting in total 25 minutes. This is the optimal time for the session, after which the CD has an additional relaxing nature music.

Some people may have an aversion to their hypnotherapist because of their voice, it might remind them of someone they don't like. If you do not feel comfortable with my voice then you should not buy this CD.

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Thankyou for excellent product - ortensia7045
Great item, excellent service, highly recommended!!! gypsygodess

This is not another learn self hypnosis ebook.

Self hypnosis is teaching you how to hypnotise yourself, anyplace anywhere. There will be no need to get bored on a train journey, or feel stressed or anxious about life you will soon have a new skill, a focus that can help you


Marian Demetriou

Australian Distributor

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